The Benefits Of Being Open To The Tao Of Toto


The Benefits Of Being Open To The Tao Of Toto

If you think a fortune teller predicts your future destiny, it probably means you take his words at face value. To do otherwise means you don’t accept the reality of what he says. In other words, you don’t see to it that the things a fortune teller says do happen to you.

A common scenario: You’re out late one night with some old friends. You talk about how life is so stressful, especially when you can’t afford to get ahead. Suddenly, a “curse” word comes into the conversation: “Curses,” they say. “What curses are we talking about?”

The answer you get is that they’re talking about the things that the “curse” pre-ordains. And what a relief, because in this situation we don’t have an option but to try and change the curse words. That doesn’t mean you immediately dash to your family physician and sign up for a handful of pricey pain relievers, however. This is where the benefit of being open to a curse-word is found.

When you see that your problems and concerns have been pre-ordained, you don’t need to whip out any magic pill or spend a single cent to ease them. The key is to see that you don’t procrastinate on doing your most important things for the day. Start today by not looking to the future and your past, but to your present and your future. And when you start doing these things, you’ll realize that doing the things you must do will bring about positive changes to both your present and your future.

Another way to see the benefit is to keep a todo list handy. It might sound silly, but people tend to become procrastinators when they see a to-do list lying around. So keep one handy, write down everything on it, and then cross out the things you have already done. By doing this you will be putting your energies back into doing the things that are really important.

But most importantly, be sure to take action consistently. Set aside some time to work on your to-do list each day, and use your to-do list to put aside things you know you have to do, but are holding off from doing them. Doing this will help you realize more how important it is to get done and finish whatever you need to get done. And remember, it’s okay to say you’ve done something before putting it on the to-do list.

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