List Of Top Alcoholic Beverages And Their Health Benefits

Have you ever wondered what the most common mistake that people make at home is? In fact this could be the reason why most people are unable to make it big. The biggest mistake that people make at home is to forget about the importance of proper home brewing. A brew is basically a liquid meant for human consumption. In fact drinks play major roles in human civilization. Common examples of beverages include fruit juice, milk, ice-cream, plain water and hot teas.


Over the centuries, beverage inventors have discovered many new interesting drinks that we all enjoy today. Commonly known as sodas, they have been one of the biggest inventions in terms of marketing. Many companies have tried to capitalise on this by coming up with many unique flavours of soda. Milk has always been consumed as a drink and its usefulness was proven over the years but it was the invention of lemon drink that helped this drink gain its importance in the market.

Next on the list is the swallow. Not only did alcohol and soda give the drink an exclusive identity but also gave it the capacity to cure bad breath. It was commonly believed that swallows got drunk from the alcohol in their stomach but studies have proved that this is not the case. It is because alcohol does not digest properly in the stomach and is instead absorbed into the bloodstream. Because of this, swallows get drunk even before the alcohol gets absorbed into their body.

The next on the list of topmost drink alcohols is wine. Wine is the original drink of kings because of its health benefits. The alcohol found in wine is said to boost physical and mental health, relieve headaches, prevent hangovers and improve digestion. It also helps in reducing the risk of heart attacks and cancer. However, the alcohol consumption must be done in moderate quantities or it can have disastrous effects on health.

The third on our list of top drinks is coffee. Like the other two, there are many health benefits associated with coffee consumption. This includes the reduction of stroke risk, lower down the risk of developing cancers and liver cirrhosis. The consumption of coffee also helps in lowering down the absorption of sugar into the blood and the release of insulin, both of which are important factors in keeping the glucose level stable.

These are some of the three most common types of alcoholic beverages that people consume in the world today. While they may serve different purposes, they all share the same dangers of causing intoxication when they are drank excessively. When taken in excess amounts, these three beverages are very dangerous and should be avoided by anyone who wishes to enjoy life well.

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