TOTO’s Newest Models For 2021


TOTO’s Newest Models For 2021

TOTO Swimwear is internationally known as a leading manufacturer of swimsuits. The brand was launched in Revisionist times, with the intention of creating the perfect bathing suit for women. In order to achieve this feat, it creates its own versions of suits that are fit for the body. Each swimsuit is designed keeping in mind the individual body structure of the user and thus fits the person perfectly. The Swimsuits are also made to ensure that they are comfortable and make for great beach parties.

The swimwear range of TOTO includes two categories: Regular TOTO and Ultramax II. The Ultramax II has a self flushing design, where the wearer’s body will become fully immersed in water. This helps to achieve a more comfortable and snug fitting effect.

The TOTO Swimwear range also includes three other categories: High-end TOTO Rokkaku, TOTO Beach Wear, and Beach Casual. TOTO Beach Wear is a line of three items: The Hi Sport briefs, Hi-High Skirts, and Hi-High Waist Skirts. It is designed with comfort and performance in mind. For instance, the Hi Sport briefs have high-end designs and are made of micro fiber, which is soft and light. These briefs offer superior comfort and support along with superb aesthetics.

TOTO beach wear has been inspired by many styles from around the world and incorporates them into beautiful beach styles. These are specially created for the beach, providing you with a beach bathroom experience. You can choose from TOTO cutouts of famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building and more. The styles and colours of these TOTO beach wear toilets include some stunning choices, with each piece having its own unique look.

The TOTO Ultramax collection is composed of four pieces: the Ultramax Two-Piece Toilet, TOTO Cross Country Convertible Toilet, TOTO Plunger, and the Ultramax Citrus Plus Toilet. The Ultramax Two-Piece Toilet features a deluxe ergonomic design, including a deluxe eraser that offers a comfort as great as a lifetime warranty. The Ultramax Two-Piece Toilet also features a 1.28 gallons per flush high-performance system, which allows for complete satisfaction for the customer. The TOTO Cross Country Convertible Toilet is designed to be installed in any position that is most convenient for the user. It is constructed with a patented sliding motion, which makes it easy to change flushes.

The TOTO 01 Ultramax II toilet offers many benefits over traditional elongated bowl toilets. This model’s elongated bowl eliminates many of the inconveniences associated with older toilet designs. The Ultramax II toilet also has a dual control mechanism that offers users full functionality with simple controls. In addition, the Ultramax II range offers the convenience of being able to select the correct volume and water pressure. All these features make the TOTO toilets a worthwhile investment.

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