Should I Drink and Drive?


Should I Drink and Drive?

Many have said that there is a big difference between the drink and the drink which make up the ingredients in a bar. Some would even say that drinking is a bit more refined than drinking the ingredients in a bar. When all is said and done, it’s really nothing more than a mix of three things – water, spirits, and some coffee or tea. Nowadays, many people even have a bar at their homes where they can just relax and have a good time, socializing and enjoying each other’s company. Here are a few common misconceptions about drinking, which I want to set straight for you.

– “If you drink too much, you get drunk.” This isn’t really true. If you drink too much, you will be drunk. Drinking to the point where you are no longer cognizant of reality is known as DUI and can land you right in jail if not charged with a crime. The only way to become drunk is by drinking enough to make you pass out, and then passing out a bit more.

– “All wines are the same. They come from the same vineyard.” This is simply untrue. In fact, the wine grapes that you buy in the grocery store are just a fraction of the variety available to wineries around the world. Each type of wine is made differently due to differences in soil, weather, ripeness, flavors, and production methods.

– “Juice drinks are considered to be drinks that are easy to swallow, so it doesn’t require any skill at all to drink them.” While the consumption of the juices you consume is certainly no skill, it does not mean that the drink itself is easy to ingest. Juice drinks are mainly composed of water, and are generally lower in calories, but it is important to note that most juices also have sugar.

– “Soft drinks are enjoyed by everyone. They are not consumed by only kids. Anyone can enjoy them as well.” While this may seem like an easy statement to make, it is not. Soft drinks can cause damage to your teeth, especially when consumed with food. It can also cause harm to your liver, especially if consumed with alcohol. All in all, the main article here is that you should drink and drive carefully, and only consume the appropriate alcoholic beverages for that purpose.

In closing, whether or not to drink and drive depends on many different factors. The main thing is that you should determine the level of your intoxication. If you’re not sure, then do not drink and drive. For those that are certain that they cannot drive after consuming a glass of wine, consult a professional lawyer to help you get the appropriate punishment.

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