A Discovery About a Legend


A Discovery About a Legend

Toto is a fictional character that appears in children’s books written by Agatha Christie. She is an orphan who lives with her aunt, Maman Shelton. She was born in Swahili but was later adopted by an English lady called Agatha Christie in Loire des Croix. She was raised as a child in London and attended Cranford University where she became known for writing many novels.

Toto (aka “Totse”) was the name of a beautiful orphan who lived with her aunt, Maman Shelton, in Loire des Croix in France. The mother died when she gave birth to Toto. When she came to kill her only son named Agnes who ran away from home she left the infant boy alone in the jungle. Toto was picked up by the son of a well to do family who took care of him for many years.

When he was about ten years old, he went on a dangerous mission in search of his father who had gone missing while on a hunting trip. He was captured and brought back to life but not human. He was about to be killed when he was given the chance to escape when his captors were tricked by an American officer into giving up his prize to a missionary. Toto then went to Africa and lived with the tribe of Tubas who sheltered him and taught him many things including cooking and weaving. He was trained by his foster family and later went to volunteer in Africa where he was awarded the Kipmucai Kita, the bravery award.

When World War II broke out, Toto joined the British Army and fought against the Germans. He was captured by the German forces and spent the rest of his life in the prison camps. He was shot and survived an attack by a German submarine. He was arrested and tried by the courts and was executed by hanging in 1947.

When Toto returned to Japan to live in Nagano as a displaced person, he formed a club to help Japanese people adjust to the new environment. This club became very popular and it is where Toto met Okamoto. Okamoto was an American serviceman and the two got to know each other and began a friendship that grew until they decided to take it to the next level. Together they changed many lives and created many scholarships. Toto was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and requested that Okamoto be allowed to speak at the funeral services to raise funds for the charity. Toto’s words were amazing and are still regarded as a huge inspiration by many people today.

Toto died in 2021. His grave is in the village of Saiko in Aichi prefecture. You can find a statue of him there and you can also read a book written about him written by Okamoto. It is a great book to read and something that you will never forget. Go see it and support a wonderful cause.

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