TOTO Toilets – Traditional and Modern Choices for the Bathroom

A Japanese company, TOTO (pronounced to trip) is a major Japanese bathroom accessories maker. TOTO has been one of the most pioneering companies in terms of bathroom products innovation. It was established in 1917 and currently is known for creating the worlds best Washlet, Toilet, Shower, Bath, and Bathmate products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has production facilities in nine other countries.


The most common toilet products manufactured by TOTO are the Washlet, Toilet, Shower, Bathmate, and Bathe products. The toto toilet, which is a five-piece shower suite, was created in response to the demands of consumers looking for a high-end shower that could stand alone, but also be used with a conventional toilet. The design incorporated a two-piece bathing unit that contained the toilet along with hand held shower and shampoo dispenser. The resulting product incorporated a high-end feel and streamlined controls for easy and a quick clean. This revolutionary product is one of a kind and has become extremely popular in the market place.

The Toto Bathmate line is comprised of two-piece elongated toilet, in addition to the traditional five-piece elongated toilet best suited for a traditional style bathroom. This product was designed by a team of experts in engineering, art, product development, and marketing who utilized their combined knowledge and experience to produce a unique and practical product. The toto toilets have an elongated bottom panel and are available in chrome or satin finishes. The elongated bottoms are composed of two layers of rubber and the second layer of rubber is attached to a metal frame to create a secure, stable, durable, self-cleaning toilet seat. This revolutionary product has been awarded “Good Choice” by North American Rubber Manufacturers Association and is one of the best selling toilet seats on the market.

The Toto Brand offers a full assortment of toilet and bathroom products including but not limited to bathroom suites, shower enclosures, walk-in baths, hand held showers, heated seats, under floor heating and under floor bins. In addition to these toilet and bath selections, Toto manufactures other unique toilet and bath selection such as Mira showers, Bathtubs, Jacuzzis, Fixtures and more. These other toilet and bath selections complement the above-mentioned product line and offer custom fit solutions to meet every individual’s needs. Some of the most popular Toto toilet and bathing products are the Mira Bathtubs and the Toto Mira Washroom Sinks. These highly sought after Toto products can be purchased online at authorized dealers who sell all Toto products.

Many online retailers sell all types of Toto toilet and bathing products. With a full selection of Toto toilets including the elongated and standard height models, one can easily find the perfect toilet for their home. With the elongated and standard bathroom model choices, buyers can choose from two elongated styles which are the Standard Mid-bowl and the Deluxe Mid-bowl. The elongated toilet bowl has a standard height of 11 inches and a long, elongated bowl that measures 13 inches across. The elongated and standard-shaped bowl has two separate compartments with an integrated draw cord.

One of the most popular features on TOTO toilets is their seat lift system. The seat lift system allows the user to raise both the seat and the toilet bowl to increase access to the user for cleaning and maintenance tasks. For users with limited mobility, it is possible to adjust the height of the seat to accommodate the height of the toilet and/or the user’s legs. Also, the seat height and the length of the seat can be individually adjusted to accommodate users of different heights and leg lengths.

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