Popular Types of Drinks

A drink is a liquid designed especially for consumption. This liquid can be made from any number of sources including water, fruits, sugar, spices, herbs, and alcohol. In addition to their primary purpose of quenching thirst, drinks also play other important roles in society. Common varieties of drinks are soda, juice, milk and plain water.


A drink has been identified in many languages as the beverage rendered to the Gods by ancient peoples. In some cases, it was even used as a method of worship. Although, most religions do not officially recognize the consumption of any intoxicating substance as part of the ceremony, some religions consider that certain beverages, like alcohol, should be accepted into the house of the temple. In some cultures, alcohol is only allowed to be consumed at specific times of the year such as on New Year’s Day, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

Unlike the alcoholic drink, which is designated for the night, the drink of the day is meant to be consumed with food. The most popular type of drink of the day is water. Water is known to be a natural substance that prevents the body from dehydration. Because it prevents dehydration, it is generally not considered to be drunk from the day time, unless it is an absolute necessity for one’s survival.

There are two major varieties of drinks: spirits and ale. Spirit drinks are usually created by distilling grain or another grain product. Ingredients may include ginger ale, brandy or rum. Ale is brewed with yeast, hops, sugar and other ingredients, but not alcoholic in nature. Common examples of ales include beer, white beer, books, strong pale ale and Irish cream beer.

In many countries, a DUI charge is taken very seriously. Alcohol is deemed to have a high concentration of tannin. This means that the more alcohol is put into the drink, the more concentrated it becomes. This concentration can vary greatly depending on the type of alcohol, the amount of it in the drink and the way it is prepared. For example, the strength of liquor may be considerably less than that of wine, while the amount of yeast added may be substantially greater. The average level of concentration for an alcoholic beverage is about two percent abv.

Rum is another type of drink that has been increasing in popularity over recent years. A rum recipe typically consists of the following ingredients: sugar, ginger ale, rum, lemon juice, fresh fruits, cinnamon and possibly some brandy vinegar. While there are some rum recipes that call for specific brands of sparkling wine, most recipes can be substituted for the aforementioned ingredients. Most places serve a wide range of both the common style as well as the non-alcoholic version of well drinks. Many well bartenders will also be able to provide information about the variations in ingredients and recipes from region to region.

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