History of the To Tarot

To Tarot reader, To Tarot is all about balance and harmony. If a fortune teller predicts your future, then it means that you accept the reality of what he says without exception. In other words, to Tarot reader, To Tarot means “all together”. This statement was made by the great Spanish poet, Luis Salvador Ovales Buquet, in his famous song, Los del Charco (The Grey Dreamers):


The title itself tells you that To Tarot is ultimately all about peace of mind, but for many readers this is just not an easy task to accomplish. In any case, the title has been used so many times that it has become a worldwide known fact. For this reason, many people consider To Tarot to be nothing more than a tin man. And the sad thing is, many more would be bored with their lives if they knew the truth. This is why we need to know a little more about the original meaning of To Tarot.

In its original meaning, To Tarot means “a dream or vision”, hence the term “totop”. However, when we say that To Tarot means “dream or vision in general” we are actually referring to the divination using a deck of cards. The original use of the deck of cards was to summon the past, present and future. To Tarot, as we know today, is a Tarot reading in progress, not an actual card read. The reader works with the cards that are in front of him and then uses interpretation of the subtle symbols contained within the cards. Most often, a To Tarot reading is conducted by someone who possesses the gifts of a good imagination and a fine sense of creative interpretation.

There are many interpretations of To Tarot, depending on who you ask. One of the most popular is that it is intended to foretell the future. Some people who have used a To Tarot deck in a Tarot reading call it their “oire” because it provides them with a point of focus for their day-to-day activities. It gives them a place to start and keeps them grounded as they continue their journey through life. Just as the ancients felt that the past could tell us what the future will bring, modern people believe that the past can also give us insight into what might lie ahead.

Another interpretation of To Tarot is that of fate. Many people believe that the Tarot was established by a man named Marpa, who was trying to bring good fortune to his family. As a matter of fact, according to legend, the To Tarot was founded by a porcaro, or toilet manufacturer in Italy named Marpa Fontana. Legend has it that he wanted to create a porcaro that would float over the Grand Canal, so that water would flow from his factory and down to Venice, where he hoped to do business. Because the factories of his family were located so close to the river, however, his family had to build a bridge in order to allow the water to flow freely into the city.

The porcaro was a marvel of engineering and he was so proud of his creation that he called it a “Pile.” However, when he attempted to float the Porcaro over the Grand Canal he found that the weight of the mass of the whole thing was too great to allow him to complete such a feat. So he abandoned it, and replaced it with an alternative option, a rock card. Today, we know this legend to be true, and the rock card is still referred to as the To Tarot card. Whether or not Marpa Fontana intended to foretell the eventual rise and fall of the greatest Italian cosmetic product known to mankind, the To Tarot has been a significant influence on the creation of Singapore.

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