A Brief History of TOTO Toilets

Toto is an American pop band formed in West Hollywood, California in 1977. The band’s present line up includes John Pierce, Robert Plant, David Paich, and Steve Williams, and also featuring original members, John Herberman, Robert Plant, and David Paich. The band has been through many lineup changes, most notably when David Bowie replaced Plant, but they still remain a firm favourite in the music industry.


To find out more about Toto, you should first look into their history, which takes place during the early seventies. As the name suggests, Toto made its bones in the music scene of Los Angeles, playing on the likes of Beach Boys recordings, and with the popular band, The Monkees. Their presence was so widespread, that many Americans began to mimic their sound, and Toto was able to tour in the United States as a full-fledged band. The subsequent books Toto: Hollywood Forever, Toto: Hollywood by Bill Berry, Toto: Hollywood by William Collins, and Toto: Hollywood by Don Vansteen focus on these early years, and how Toto came to be what it is today.

After some time away from the limelight, Toto returned, this time under the name “Toto,” and began to play more live shows, which helped the band secure a new following in the U.S. This reunion marked the beginning of Toto’s association with Universal Records, who released their first album with Toto on their label, titled Tokyo. This album went Platinum in Japan, and established Toto as one of the biggest bands in the world. Following this success, Toto toilets were produced for a variety of different clients.

With their large fan base in the U.S., and their growing popularity in Japan, Toto began to work with other companies to make their toilet products available to the North American public. An early contract with Bathmate was eventually picked up by Kohler, who released Toto’s bidet separately. While the partnership didn’t last long, it provided Toto with the opportunity to expand their product line. In the meantime, Kohler had also begun to produce shower/bath accessories, such as showers and bidets, which they released under their own name. The combined effort of Toto and Kohler allowed Toto to create even more products, such as Mira showers and bidets, and to expand their product line even further.

The company still only focused on toilets, but began to create bidet systems and other bathroom-related products in the late ’70s. When Toto toilet designs began to gain in popularity in Europe, they expanded their product line to include bidet seats. These unique toilet seats were designed to provide users with an added massage. They are heated so that users can wash their genitals while sitting down; a feature not found in any other toilet seat. Another benefit to these bidet seats is that they have the ability to defrost as well. To ensure their long-term durability, these seats should be kept in a cold temperature environment.

To continue expanding Toto’s business, they created washlets. Washlets allow users to quickly and easily wash their whole body in one sink, or use the toilet without having to move from one end of the room to another. To make the washlets more attractive to buyers, many manufacturers have included attractive colors and graphics, including cartoon characters. Some washlets come with built-in fans, which helps to keep the washlets clean and dry. These attractive toto toilet accessories, along with the great reliability of Toto toilets, have helped to solidify Toto’s place among the top companies in the bathroom market.

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