Understanding the Meaning of Heroes and How You Can Help Someone Who Needs You

Heroes are generally remembered by special achievements, exceptional courage, outstanding deeds, or an act of valor that was done in the name of a higher good. In popular culture heroes are usually men, usually super heroes. However, there have been many female heroes throughout history. Sometimes they are remembered as princesses or wives, sometimes they are remembered as generals, and sometimes they are remembered as mothers and daughters. These, however, are generally recognized heroes.

A hero is an independent human being or a primary fictional character who, against all odds, combats adversity by feats of strength, courage, or ingenuity. Unlike other previously solely gender-defined terms, modern day hero is frequently used to describe any human, although hero often only refers to females. Historically heroes are usually judged by the standards of their time and are not necessarily judged based on merit. Thus while a child who is smart and brave may be a hero, a child who is clever and brave but lacks any true moral standard may not be considered a hero.

Modern day heroes continue to battle injustice and fight dangerous battles in order to protect our way of life, society, and integrity. As we continue to move toward equality and women take on traditionally gender roles men too are being recognized for their heroic actions. It is important for us to remember all the heroes who have fallen on the battle field of each century and learn from their bravery. One way we can do this is to honor the memory of those who have given us inspiration and strength to continue on. Not all of our heroes were born rich and successful, but their personal risk and bravery brought them value and fame. Sometimes their personal risk was greater than the average man and their bravery was not recognized at the time, but in the end their courage helped to secure and enrich our way of life.

A new definition of heroism has been developed within the field of psychology that may be called “theatre of the hero.” According to this view heroes are those who act with courage under difficult and dangerous circumstances. Heroes act heroically not only because they expect to gain personal benefit or status, but because their individual sense of morality compels them to act. Heroes are living proof that when we are faced with a choice between doing what is right and what will bring us pleasure, a true hero will often choose the latter.

What is it about human nature that makes some people willing to lay down their lives for others willing to accept the risk of suffering a painful death for a noble cause? In this theory the emotional aspects of human nature come into play and we must understand these as a necessary part of what makes us human. There are many theories out there on this subject and they all boil down to one basic idea – that all the good and great men and women in history have been uniquely human and that we all have the capacity to become heroic. This theory also explains why some people are so skillful at whatever they do while other people are less capable. It also helps explain why some events are memorable while others are ignored. It can even help us understand the motivation for other people and it provides a framework for understanding the behavior of others.

Now that you know what heroes are and how you can help someone who needs you, what would you do? Would you be a hero? The answer isn’t as obvious as some might think. All that being said it’s important to note that being a hero is an important part of human nature. It’s part of what makes us unique and part of what keeps us going.

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