High-End Toilet Gadgets


High-End Toilet Gadgets

TOTO is a Japanese-based company known for making toilet fixtures and accessories. TOTO Ltd., styled as TOTO, is currently the world’s third largest toilet producer. It was established in 1917, and manufactures its derivative products and the Washlet line in Japan. The company also has production facilities in nine other countries worldwide. In total, TOTO has about five hundred and sixty stores worldwide.

One of the most distinctive features of TOTO goods is its long-lasting durability. Since it began manufacturing, the company has focused on incorporating quality and functional improvements to its designs, as well as improving its ability to withstand the toughest cleaning applications. The company’s contemporary designs, superior construction and superior craftsmanship are key contributors to the longevity of TOTO toilets and their accessories. As a result, many toilet users are satisfied with the performance and aesthetic appeal of their toilet collections. When it comes to purchasing toilet accessories, no other brand has achieved this level of widespread popularity.

Like many other manufacturers, TOTO focuses on producing toilet models that have a high level of functionality. However, to meet consumer demand, it has designed and manufactured its toilet fixtures in a manner that maximizes the cleaning action it is capable of taking. By achieving high levels of cleaning efficiency, the company’s toto toilets are not only durable and functional, but they are also designed to look impressive and stand out from competing brands. Two nozzles, for example, are designed to complement each other and perform optimally in every circumstance.

Another feature that sets TOTO toilets apart from competitors is its extensive selection of seat and back height. Both the seat and back heights can be adjusted to suit any user, regardless of height and posture. Further, the universal height and standard height toilets have seat depth adjustability as well. Standard height toilets have a higher degree of depth than the universal one and can be used with greater comfort, regardless of the seat depth available. For those users who may prefer a deeper seat, a higher seat depth model is available.

The comprehensive collection of TOTO toilet products enables anyone to choose from a wide range of toilet fixtures. In addition to all the usual functions, high-end TOTO toilets also offer convenience such as self-cleaning, dual water consumption indicator and an advanced odor-preventing technology. For those who wish to conserve water consumption and reduce the negative effects on the environment of high water consumption, the toilet will come with an Enviro Steer+ Watermaster technologies. With an Enviro Steer+ watermaster, users do not have to wait until there is an excessive amount of water to clean the toilet.

Furthermore, the TOTO heated seat and rear warm water facilities ensure a comfortable browsing experience and provide a secure feeling when using a toilet bowl. The heated seat is a self-contained heating system that has an adjustable heating setting. The heated seat also has a rear heat setting that allows users to adjust the temperature of the heated toilet bowl. Lastly, for the safety of the user and the protection of the environment, it is advisable to buy the TOTO Recliner Heated Toilet Seat with Ventilation.

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