The Band Toto

For the 1991 album Kingdom of Desire, Toto recorded a number of songs influenced by the jazz genre. The group was led by David Paich, who composed all the songs for the album, and Jeff Porcaro, who played drums. The name Toto is derived from Latin words meaning “all-encompassing” and “toto” is a dog from the Wizard of Oz. The band toured the world and played several festivals.


In 1980, the band disbanded and reformed. In the summer of 2010, the band began a tour benefiting former drummer Mike Porcaro, who was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. After a short European tour, Toto continued to perform their classic hits. They also embarked on a North American tour to promote their 25th anniversary. This tour earned them a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist.

Toto’s lead singer, Jeff Porcaro, died from a heart attack while working in his garden on August 5, 1992. Toto then contacted an Englishman named Simon Phillips to replace him. This decision was made because Phillips was a friend of Porcaro and had worked with Lukather on a previous tour with Santana and Jeff Beck. The band has not changed their lead singer since then. Toto has subsequently been replaced by the band’s longtime drummer, Mike Pendergast, who is still on tour with the band.

After the band split in 2008, Hungate rejoined Toto. After performing on a world tour, he became a touring musician. Toto has also toured Japan and Europe. They have won numerous awards, including Grammys and the GrassRoots Award. They continue to tour the world and continue to release new albums. The band’s popularity continues to grow with each album. The next step is to add more songs to their setlist.

Toto continued touring and releasing new music. The band released their first album, eponymous, in 1978. It had many Top 5 hits and became one of the most popular groups of that time. It also became the band’s most popular album. They have been touring for over four decades. Toto has also collaborated with Yes. The Japanese release of Turn Back was their most successful album. In the first book, Toto had no vocalists. However, the new lineup was a failure and the group had to cancel the tour.

Following the success of Fahrenheit, Toto continued touring. The album is their fourth live album. The band members also released solo albums. Steve Lukather released his first solo album in 1989, and Toto XX went gold in 1998. It featured the hit single “Goin’ Home” and the band went on a promotional tour with former members. In late 2014, the band announced their first tour since the release of their latest studio album, titled Toto XIV.

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