Who is Toto?

The German Shepherd named Toto made a comeback in the television series Emerald City, starring Chris Cox and Jennifer Saunders. The name of Toto, which means dog in the Munja’kin language, comes from the word Munja’kin, which means dog in the native language. Toto has a number of notable appearances in films, including The Wizard of Oz and Lost in Oz. While the name of Toto is a bit confusing, the story behind the character is not.


Toto’s appearance in the first book didn’t reveal a particular breed. Baum said that Toto was a little black dog with silky hair and small black eyes. Some have suggested that Toto is a Yorkshire Terrier, because of its size. Later, in the series, Toto switches to a Boston terrier and returns to his original look. Though it is unclear exactly where Toto got the name, it is important to know that his origins are closely tied to those of the book.

The original Toto is a bichon frise. Toto was given this name by Dorothy Gale, but he does not speak in the first book. While other animals gain the ability to speak, Toto stays speechless. In Tik-Tok of Oz, he begins to talk. This ability is further developed in the Lost Princess of Oz. In the upcoming VeggieTales episode “The Wonderful Wizard of Has,” Toto becomes a black Cairn terrier.

In addition to the famous story, Toto appears in several other works of fiction. The Muppets’ version of the Wizard of Oz is a live-action version of the story. Pepe the King Prawn plays Toto in this animated film. In the 1996 animated series, Oz Kids, Toto appears as a black terrier, but in actuality, Toto is a bichon frise. In the Sci-Fi Channel miniseries Tin Man, Toto is a shape-shifting human. Blu Mankuma played Toto in the TV show.

In The first book, Toto does not speak, but in subsequent books, other animals will learn to talk. However, in the second book, Tik-Tok of Oz, Toto reveals her ability to speak. In The Lost Princess of Oz, Toto is replaced by Tutu, a female dog. In the sci-fi miniseries The Twilight Zone, Toto transforms into a shape-shifting human.

In the fourth book, Tin Man has a dog named Toto, which is a female version of Toto. In the original book, Toto is a fictional dog owned by Dorothy Gale. In this book, she is never alone, and Toto often speaks to other animals. In The Wiz, she is the first to recognize Mimics. This is Toto’s role in the story. In the next two books, Toto also plays a role in The Legend of Oz.

According to the Kawaya-no-kami myth, the toilet god in Japan was born from the excrement of a goddess of the Earth. In the past, the god was worshipped with human dung, which was used as fertiliser in the garden. In exchange for a good harvest and protection from falling into the toilet, it was offered to the toilet god. In the late ’80s, the first electric Toto toilet was introduced, and the concept became a cultural sensation in Japan.

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