TOTO Toilets – A Better Choice Than Traditional Toilets!


TOTO Toilets – A Better Choice Than Traditional Toilets!

The brand toto is named after a Japanese rice field that is a place where Toto rice is cultivated. Today, the company is also known as Toto, but more popular in Europe and North America. In Japan, however, toto means pot, because it is always served with rice.

TOTO is one of the major manufacturers of bidet toilets, as well as other toilet-related accessories. It is widely known for its Washlet, and other derivative products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan and has production plants in nine countries worldwide.

The most commonly purchased TOTO product is its Washlet, which is a versatile accessory, used in both private and public facilities. The wallet is made from the finest fiber polyesters available, providing you with years of service and durability. The TOTO washlets have self-cleaning properties, which is an added advantage over many competitors, especially since many competitors’ washlets tend to break down and need to be replaced after just a few uses. Also, due to the fact that the TOTO washlets are highly resistant to water, they can be used either in conjunction with a TOTO bidet or independently as standalone bidet units.

The TOTO Warm Plus toilet tank is a modern design that adds an extra level of comfort to your private toilet. This tank features a thermostatic valve that adjusts water temperature to prevent over-heating and water leaks. A built-in, rechargeable power outlet provides charging options for mobile devices, as well as traditional power sources, such as car batteries or wall outlet outlets. You do not need to worry about the seat being ruined by repeated trips to the toilet, because this seat folds flat for storage and has an aluminum construction that resists rusting.

If you prefer to use the bidet without a washcloth, or if you are using a conventional toilet and would prefer not to use any type of seat, the TOTO Warm Plus toilet seat is the perfect choice for you. It has a built-in, rechargeable heating element that provides you with the temperature you desire as you sit on your toilet. This heated seat is also compatible with TOTO’s integrated heated towel and hair dryer adapters, which allow you to easily keep both items heated while you are sitting on your toilet. These adapters are sold separately and can be found at most online retailers.

TOTO’s Procter & Gamble Plumbing have become known the world over for excellence in bathroom & kitchen products. Their line of single flush toilets includes toilet seats, tank covers, soap holders, and more. The Procter and Gamble Plumbing collection also includes a wide selection of accessories, including toilet tissue holders, seat hooks, wall hooks, floor and counter mounts, and much more. Toilet seat and accessories are sold separately. For more information on toilet seat availability and prices, visit Procter & gac collections online.

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