How the Toilet became Toto to

To get a diagnosis, you must first get a tissue sample from the patient. In toto terminology, this is called a theory. The tote is usually held in place at the back of the patient’s head and is quite wide; usually it is six inches across. When a specimen is being tested for malignancy in a biopsy procedure, a piece of tissue is removed along with the tote. Once the piece of tissue is removed, the tote is then placed inside the body cavity so that the physician can collect it later for further pathological analysis.


Toxoplasmosis causes a disease called Toxoplasmosis (pronounced: too-too-puss). Toxoplasmosis is not as common as many other forms of microorganism infections but it is still a very serious condition, which can cause death if not treated or detected early enough. Toxoplasmosis is caused by the fungus called Toxoplasma gondii.

Toxoplasmosis can affect almost any part of your body, but it is more common in the digestive system and most commonly in the gastrointestinal tract, the esophagus and the colon. Toxoplasmosis is the leading cause of food poisoning and most cases need medical treatment to be completely eliminated. Toxoplasmosis is caused by the same bacteria that cause diarrhea but it does not occur in only people with weakened immunity or with poor diets; healthy people are rarely ever diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis cannot survive without a host of helper organisms that are needed in its life cycle so it often affects children and immunocompromised persons.

There are four different types of toto: Brazilian blue, American rock band, porcini, and Peruvian white. All these varieties have the characteristics of hard, dry powdery deposits in and on the soles of their feet. The American rock band toto is probably the most well-known variety of toto; it is called Peruvian White toto because of its white color and because it usually has a dark red to black patch near the heel. The porcini toto is most often found in Spain, Italy and Brazil. The porcini variety is probably the easiest to recognize, as the yellow spots easily give away what type of toto you are looking at.

American Rock band toto became popular in the 70’s with the band Beach Boys. In 1980 they had their hit album called Hotel California. The band also had another popular album named Belly Bangs; this album was also produced in California. When the original Beach Boys came to fame, they changed their name to America and became known as the Masters of Rock and Roll; the name toto became part of a different acronym for their title which is “The American Band”.

The American toto was brought to Portugal by the British during World War II to use in training. The British soldiers brought porcaro wood from Brazil to America; this wood was not easy to identify as to whether or not it was sapwood or oil wood. To help the identification is more accurate the Forest Service began labeling the porcaro trees that were brought over as having been supplied from Brazil by the United States. Over the years the tree has continued to grow into a large shrub that is now grown in many tropical locations all over the world. Today a large portion of the Porcaro tree is cut and sold to builders who specialize in exotic shrub removal, and to those who require porcaro timber from the forests of Brazil and Peru.

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