“The Wizard of Oz” -by Beverly Barton – Book Review

TOTO ( Tokyo Overflow Products Co.) is a Japan-based company specializing in toilet and bathroom products. TOTO Ltd. (TOTO) was started by a couple in Tokyo hoping to improve the way people used commode, hence, they developed a commode that fit perfectly to the body and facilitated easy washing. They succeeded, and today, many consider it the finest commode manufacturer in the market. It is renowned for developing the Washlets and other derivative products.


As for the Tin Man, according to most movies, Toto got him because he was the cheapest available figure, to prevent his death. He was so cheap that after a few episodes, he managed to glue himself to the side of the commode, thus rendering himself immortal. In some subsequent books, the Tin Man is mentioned as being so indestructible that he was able to hide from the police. The Japanese version of the Tin Man is called the Kamui, which translates to ‘good soldier’ or ‘good man.’

In one of the more memorable scenes from the Wizard of Oz, the good witch Glinda finds herself transported to the Land of Oz. There, she meets the spirited yellow jinn, who grants her a wish. For one, Glinda wishes to fly away to the Wonderful Place, but the jinn says she must prove herself by travelling through the Magical Cave. The scene is one of the most well known scenes in the history of Toto. According to some followers of the philosophy of Toto, Dorothy must travel through the Tin Man’s cave to prove her mettle.

The last mention of the Tin Man in this book comes near the end. Dorothy needs to know where the dog is, so she searches for him in the caves. In a panic, she knocks a rock into the mouth of the dog, which causes him to bark. Then a huge winged horse appears and rescues the dog. The end of the book then takes the reader to the next adventure. It is highly unlikely that any of the three stories (of which only the Tin Man and the Lion are mentioned in the text) are related to the original story.

This tale of Oz is certainly not without interest. Despite its length (and thus the length of this book), the author makes up for it with her engaging personality. She presents an original viewpoint and manner of writing. Toto has become part of Americana, in the way that his image has been transformed into a figure used in coffee ads and clothing, but she has also influenced American pop culture in other ways. Just ask Robin Thicke, when you hear him sing ‘Toto’!

Of course, it is always great to read about the lives of those who have passed, and this book does just that. The illustrations are wonderfully depicted, and bring to life some of the more memorable scenes. After reading this book, I found myself wanting to know more, so I went out and searched for more information about Toto, which I believe he would have enjoyed. I found that there is a lot of interesting material here, which is sure to make this a must read for all age groups.

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