Japanese Toilet Basics

Known as TOO, or Tokyo Overpile, TOTO is a Japanese company that designs, manufactures, and markets bathroom accessories. It is also well known for creating the Washlet and related products. The company was founded in 1917, originally focusing on making washcloths and paper towels. Later, the company expanded to include other items such as tissue paper, rugs, mats, bath robes, and towels. Today, the company sells over five hundred brands of products, including shower curtains, bath mats, sheets, bath cushions, soap dispensers, mirrors, and other bath and beauty accessories. Some of the most popular brands in the market include TOO, Futura, Kenko, and Scope.

Since many people prefer to go to traditional stores to buy their toiletries, it may be difficult to find traditional toto toilets. In addition to TOO, there are other companies that sell traditional Japanese toilet accessories, such as Toile, Ogon, Rotoilet, and other brands. Although these companies do not yet manufacture toilet fixtures, many of their products are often sold in showrooms across the country.

The convenience of using a toto toilet comes from its two-piece design, which makes it the easiest and most comfortable type of toilet to use. The first piece consists of a seat that can rotate up and down, while the second piece has a fixed position. The seat and the fixed position form a sort of framework that hangs down from the base of the toilet. The framework contains the tank, which hold the water supply, a seat, and the accessories that change with the style of the toilets (i.e., the two-piece toilets come with an option to change from a one-piece toilet to two-piece).

There are two types of toilet that you can choose from when buying a toto toilet. One is the traditional style, which has the classic round or elongated bowl; the other is the modern, elongated design that gives the toilet a futuristic look. Traditional toto toilets come in a standard height and a wide width. Standard height toto toilets have an option to raise the toilet bowl up to a higher height. For the more flexible models, the height can be lowered according to the needs of the toilet’s user.

However, to people who want something beyond the traditional, the modern elongated designs are more attractive. The elongated bowl of the modern toto toilet gives it a more futuristic look, making it easier to make the seat look upscale. There are also toilet seats that are designed to give a minimalist look to the toilet and give it a futuristic appeal. One of these designs is the U-shaped seat that is very popular among younger users. With the U-shaped seat, the bottom half of the seat has a longer part that juts outwards. This feature helps to maximise the amount of space that one can use for storing the toiletries.

If you are planning to buy a Japanese toilet, then make sure that you get one that is easy to maintain. A Japanese toilet is quite water resistant, but it is still best to regularly wipe it to remove any food or drink particles that may be stuck inside the toilet trap. A toilet with an enclosed trap is more resistant to the build up of bacteria and hence more hygienic. Make sure to go for a toilet with a long guarantee period, as this will ensure that you get your money’s worth.

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