The Different Types of Alcoholic Liquor

A standard drink is any drink that contains more than 14 grams of total alcohol (more than an ounce or two of milk) in it. It includes all alcoholic drinks, including wine and beer. The total amount of alcohol in the drink can range from a modest sherry to a potent brandy. In some cases, the term “dry” refers to the total amount of alcohol in the drink and “wet” refers to the amount of water that’s in the drink.


Most people refer to non-alcoholic drinks as “fizzy soft drinks”, “cocoa-cola” or “popcorn”. These can contain anywhere from one to three grams (that’s between one and two teaspoons) of alcohol per one ounce of beverage. This figure covers all brands, types and flavors. The majority of liquids that fall under this category are fruit-flavored drinks.

Drinks which include honey are known as “caramel liquors”. Apple brandy and other sweets like chocolate covered tea bags are examples of caramel liquids. In fact, the word “diet” has its root in the word “diet”. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is associated with religious occasions such as weddings and funerals. These drinks, in addition to being considered unhealthy, are also associated with bad dreams, visions in the night and nightmares.

The average person drinks between one and three drinks each day. Alcohol is found in practically every food we eat. Therefore, drinking alcohol would be comparable to eating one drink per meal. Although not high in calories, most foods contain large amounts of alcohol. However, even a small amount of alcohol consumption can result in dehydration.

Because the average person consumes about one standard drink per meal, they do not become intoxicated from consuming too much alcohol. An individual who drinks just one standard drink every two hours does not become over-drinking. This amount of consumption does not result in excessive dehydration. On the contrary, the person can become dehydrated if they drink excessively. People should keep their drinking limits in mind because too much consumption of alcoholic drinks can cause harm to the body, especially to the brain.

One of the most popular drinks around is coffee. Coffee is derived from both roast beans and natural brews. Both contain caffeine, which is one of the main chemicals that can affect the brain. This substance can cause the same effects as alcohol in the system and should therefore limit the consumption of coffee.

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