Popular Beverages and Their Types

A drink is basically a liquid prepared for human consumption intended for consumption by humans. Other than their primary function of satisfying thirst, many drinks play other important roles in modern society. Common varieties of drinks are juice, milk, water and tea. Traditionally cold drinks comprise hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate.


Carbonated drinks such as pop and hard liquor are consumed in large quantities around the world. The amount of carbonation in soft drinks varies depending on the kind of drink. Generally carbonated drinks are low in calories and hence popular among all age groups. Caffeinated drinks are generally high in calories and hence consumed by the young and old equally. It is not unknown to see children as well as seniors consuming carbonated drinks on a regular basis.

Tea is the most common drink consumed around the world. Green, black and oolong teas are popular drinks in Asia and other parts of the world. Oriental tea and Chinese green tea are some of the exotic varieties. English Breakfast tea is a sweet tea in the form of a beverage that combines ginger and lemon with a touch of milk. This drink was first introduced in the nineteenth century by the East India Company and has now become part of British tradition.

Wines are another drink that is widely consumed. Wine differs from beer in many ways. The first distinction is that wine is made from fermented grapes while beer is made from yeast. Apart from having different flavor, they also differ in appearance and color. Red wine is said to have more intense flavor whereas white wine tastes sweet and has a delicate flavor.

Non-alcoholic beverages are gaining in popularity. These are beverages without any alcohol or caffeine in it. There is also non-carbonated and non-fizzy beverage options available. Non-alcoholic drinks are a great alternative to alcoholic drink. Some popular non-alcoholic drinks include fruit juice, non-fat milk products, unsweetened jellies, low calorie sweetened teas and diet sodas.

The beer drink is an integral part of most people’s life. Beer is the most popular drink around the world with the US consuming more than 24 gallons of beer per person on an average every year. There are various kinds of beers including light beer, dark beer, mild beer, special and traditional beers as well as lagers.

Most people prefer to drink either coffee or tea. They go for cappuccino or espresso according to their mood and preference. There are a lot of kinds of coffee drinks and different brands have made their presence on the market. There is an increasing demand for other types of coffee such as hazelnut coffee and Brazilian coffee. Espresso is a strong and black drink, much stronger and richer than American or European coffee.

Soft drinks are largely enjoyed by children. They are light and cool, containing no calories and very low in calories. They contain no alcohol either. Soft drinks are consumed by people of all ages and for all purposes. One can say that soft drinks are consumed as a healthy and a social drink as these are low in calories and yet manages to pack a powerful punch in itself.

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