Who Is Oz the Tin Man?

To do: Toto. To do: Toto, do! There’s a big difference between wishing and hoping, but I’ll use both when I write wish lists. Toto, you are so cute, I want you to be my friend. I wish you a happy new year, hope your day is wonderful, and thanks for reading. Happy New Year!


–TOTO! – nickname, Toto is actually a fictional character in L. Frank Baum’s classic Oz book series of children’s stories, and functions mainly derived from them. His name, Toto, is pronounced exactly with a long “oo” – a common homophone for “foot.” According to the book itself, Toto appears as a friendly and welcoming dog who wishes guests “a very good day” and then promptly reminds them they should not forget to take their shoes off before entering the house. The book itself credits its inspiration to a wonderful wizard of Oz, Toto.

–TOTO! – To do: TOTO! Or rather, to be: TOTO! The wizard Oz, who is also the central character in the story, teaches Toto simple manners, such as never biting a guest, and always saying “thank you” and “good morning.” In the DVD video of the movie, the Tin Man likewise says: “Good morning, Toto. You’re welcome.”

–TO TOHO! – To do: TO HO! or to be: TO HO! In the sequel, The Wizard of Oz, the character named Glenda, who in the first book was a fairy, appears again as the headmistress of Oz, and the first thing the Scarecrow (Oz) does when he finds her is give her a coin for luck, but the subsequent events cause her to flee, take her daughter away, tell her to find a horse named Toto, and take off to find a new home in a strange town made entirely out of gold.

–TO TOHO! – To do: TO HO! In the sequel, the original character Toto returns, this time in the form of an animal-shaped robot who assists the Tin Man in his quest to find the entrance to Oz. In the book, Toto appears as a young woman who is being taken to Oz by her fairy godmother.

–TO TOHO! To do: TO HO! The earlier book mentions that the Tin Man’s name is Too, but in the later books, his real name is Toeff, which means “fairy like in old fairy tales.” In the sequel, however, he goes by Toffee.

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