The Definition of a Hero

A hero is an individual who overcomes adversity, whether real or fictional. These individuals demonstrate courage, strength, and ingenuity to achieve a particular goal. The term hero is no longer gender specific, as in the past it was only used for men. In recent years, though, the term has become more gender neutral. In fact, the term heroine is now used only for women. Hence, a hero can be a man, a woman, or both.


While many modern definitions imply that the word hero comes from the French “hero,” this is not the case. The term hero actually has a Greek origin and was first used to refer to a person who protects the living. In fact, the Greek word for hero was derived from the Latin seruare, which means “safeguard”. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “heros” has a pre-Greek origin, originating from the goddess Hera.

Today, heroes include people who do good deeds and inspire others. For example, the abolitionist Martin Luther King Jr. was a hero in the United States. In Japan, Aung San Suu Kyi was a hero in Burma. In the West, a hero can be a scientist, an activist, or a humanitarian. The definition of a hero is a personal statement or a statement about a person’s character.

Moreover, heroes are not only compassionate. They can see the world from the perspective of others and understand what needs to be done. In other words, heroes have a high tolerance for risk. A hero will continue to push on despite multiple setbacks and challenges. In the face of life threatening illnesses, the hero will focus on the positive outcomes and not on the pain. It is important to note that hero qualities are not exclusively innate.

A hero can be a person of any age, gender, or nationality. However, she must be an unreliable friend and a loyal friend. Such a hero will always be willing to help. A hero should have no enemies. Likewise, a hero must be honest and he should be a role model for others. He must be a hero in the eyes of the people he loves.

A hero must be compassionate. A hero will not seek personal glory, but will use their accomplishments to help others. He will never seek personal recognition. In addition, he will not seek attention, and he will not pursue fame. A hero will be more likely to benefit from a hero’s virtues as compared to a hero who has no such traits. They must not be jealous of the successes of other heroes.

A hero can be a person with special abilities. He can save people who are in need. His abilities may not be apparent to others, but he can heal them. He can even save people who are in danger. A hero’s power is a powerful one. And he can be dangerous as well, as long as he isn’t a hero. When she gets hurt, she’s vulnerable and cannot control her powers.

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