Things to Know About Alcohol

A drink is generally a liquid prepared for human consumption intended for consumption by humans. Drinks also play various important roles in modern human society. Common varieties of drinks are fruit juice, milk, plain water and other soft drinks. Traditionally, hot beverages such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate were served during festive occasions.


The standard drink usually has a volume that is measured in ounces. The size in ounces of the standard drink generally coincides with the size of the person who is consuming it. Generally, an adult can have up to four ounces of the standard drink in a glass. The size of a young child is limited to the smaller sizes of the standard drinks.

The common sizes of drinks vary according to the purpose of the drink and the individual consuming it. One ounce of the drink for example has become a set standard for most alcoholic beverages. One to two tablespoons are also served in a glass. The size of these tablespoons varies by the purpose of the drink. For example, one to two tablespoons are typically served when mixed with a small amount of the standard drink.

One reason why there are different sizes of the standard drink is to limit alcoholic beverage consumption by underage drinkers. An ounce of alcohol is the equivalent of about one or two ounces of alcoholic beverage for adults and one or two ounces for children. The limit allows for children to avoid excessive alcohol consumption that can lead to unhealthy consequences for them later in life. The same concept is extended to alcoholic beverages in large amounts. A drink may become too much for a child to consume without creating negative consequences for the child. This is why there are limits to the amount of drinks that children can consume per day.

Most people who imbibe alcoholic drinks are aware of how much they actually drink. It is not uncommon to drink an entire bottle of red wine in a single sitting or to drink an entire bottle of tequila in one evening. Many people do not realize the effects that the amount of alcohol they consume over time can have on their health. It takes a lot more alcohol to create a drunken state than it does to maintain a sober state. Chronic heavy drinking often results in liver damage, dehydration, as well as developing a form of cancer known as cirrhosis of the liver.

Some other common alcoholic beverages that may be served are port or sherry, brandy, gin, whiskey, lemonade, gin martinis, and much more. If you are going to consume any of these drinks, be sure to keep it in the proper portions. Distilled spirits are not served in bars, so if you are ordering a drink make sure that it is in a distilled form to ensure that it is safe to drink. Some places will serve your favorite drink in a tiny shot glass, which is one ounce of liquid per each shot. Many restaurants will serve mixed drinks that are half standard drinks, such as gin martinis, and half fruit juices.

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