The story of Toto, the Gorilla From Bologna


The story of Toto, the Gorilla From Bologna

Toto (aka: Toto) is a fictional character that grew up with three other gorillas. The name Toto means “To See” in Swahili. The characters Toto, Boots, and Mama are adopted children of a white hunter who were sold into slavery to provide the gorillas with food and protection. Their owner was never able to free them from slavery and they were eventually sold to an African tribe where they lived as members of the tribe. They were trained for hunting big game, such as crocodiles, hippos, and African alligators. Toto was given the name “Toto” when he was brought to England by a British officer, Major William Thompson, after he was liberated from slavery.

Toto was an intelligent child who became fascinated by the Western world. He wanted to become a hunter just like his father but his father insisted on him being a mechanic instead. Because of this, Toto had no choice but to live in the woods with other gorillas. He was very gentle and kind however and he was well-loved by all of the members of his community. When he was twelve years old, his master got sick and died of a heart attack.

Toto remained alone at his own new home until he was given another chance at life by his foster family. At thirteen years old, Toto learned that he was actually the son of another gorilla called Kumbura. However, this was not the way that he wanted things to go because he could not remember his real name. He began calling himself Toto and took great delight in calling his dad by name. This was so he could at least pretend to be his real dad and get a response when his real dad would not talk to him.

Because of his adoption from a previous owner, Toto’s biological parents forgot to record his birth or adoption. This made Toto totally unaware of who his real parents were until he was rescued by an Italian tourist who was visiting Bologna. Since the owner of the gorilla where Toto was born, Giuseppe was the real father of the little boy. However, Toto did not know this fact until he was nearly nine years old and was visiting Bologna with his friend Vincenzo.

Toto was staying with Vincenzo and his friend Gennaro while their mother shopped in a department store. While they were shopping, Toto managed to climb over a counter and fell into Vincenzo’s enclosure. Vincenzo and Gennaro quickly took care of the little boy, while Mrs. Jones, the department store owner, tended to Toto. When Mrs. Jones left to go buy something else, Toto managed to convince her to let him stay with them for a while. Unfortunately, this did not last very long as a manager came by and asked to speak with Toto because his foster parents were away on vacation.

While Toto was having lunch with his friend Vincenzo, a security guard noticed a small child in the area. The zoo’s security guards asked the owners to take the little boy to the pet nursery. When the owners refused, they called the police. The officers arrested both the parents and the baby. Toto was taken to a local animal hospital because he was scared stiff from being separated from his family. The baby was later discharged to his foster family, where he became accustomed to his new environment.

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